Trulyhelp History

Our Journey of Compassion and Hope

Trulyhelp organization was established in 2021, we have been continually working for helping and supporting the needy in times of despair. We believe that “Youth builds Nation” so, our prime focus is on children and their overall development. We execute all our tasks from an education point of view, as education plays a significant role in solving all issues, whether it is healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, or human rights. We lay huge importance on making underprivileged people independent; hence our goal is to empower women and children so that they live their lives standing on their own feet.

Our Strategy​​

Our strategy is to Engage, Empower, Execute and Exit: To engage rural communities with corporates, young urban India, not-for-profit organizations, and Govt. to empower our communities to execute programs that transform their own lives.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to believe that the partnership of rural India with corporates, young urban India, the Government, and other foundations is the key to creating a permanent and irreversible change for good.


Noida Sector 15

Trulyhelp is a non-profit organization to supports people pan India and keeps an eye on the future support.

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