Mission, Vision & Values


The goal of the Truly Help Foundation is to improve society in terms of equal rights, access to healthcare, and child education. The foundation of liberty is equality which was inspired by Marx who supported equality of the underprivileged. One can only be self-sufficient and create a secure and prosperous environment for our society when they are granted equal rights both individually and collectively. In order to change this society’s lopsided traditions and transform it into a better, more peaceful one, we need your assistance.


Our goal is to increase empathy in this culture so that those in need can get fundamental necessities which are needed in life by an individual. We can all work together to improve this society for both the present and future generations if we all share this vision. The only way to achieve this vision and create a joyful society is to provide high-quality healthcare and education to every individual in every neighborhood and to do the best to uplift the underprivileged


Values are one of the important part to be considered in the process of creating a better world. If you lack it, you can thrive but can never succeed. Sooner or later you will encounter failure only. So we focus on our values more than we focus on anything else.

Core Value


Promote inquiry and innovation across all levels of the organization Build creative capacity of all stakeholders through openness to new ideas.


We are passionate people who are not afraid to be hopeful, demonstrate enthusiasm and stand by our belief of an abuse-free world for children.


Providing equal opportunities, Creating a culture of collaboration, encouraging information sharing and participatory decision making.


We value being honest and true to ourselves and being authentic and consistent in our behavior, actions and words.


Our values and policies, our failures and mistakes and openly share our ideas and knowledge with all internal and external stakeholders

Trulyhelp foundation is a non-profit organization to supports people pan India and keeps an eye on the future support.


F-155/K-316, Lado Sarai, Old M B Road, Delhi-110030, India


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.