All funds donated to TrulyHelp go towards empowering and employing the less privileged youth

Help Us Create a Brighter Future for Children Across India!


Since 2021, Trulyhelp Organization has been devoted to ensuring a happy childhood and a bright future for children throughout India. Our mission is to build a “Bharat” where every child is nurtured, given the opportunity to grow, and protected in a safe environment.


With an active presence in 5 states, we have already positively impacted the lives of over 150,000 children. Our comprehensive approach encompasses education, healthcare, nutrition, and child protection, ensuring that every child receives the care and support they need to thrive.


Your Support is Crucial!


Your contribution can help us expand our reach and support even more children in need. By partnering with Trulyhelp, you are taking a vital step toward gifting a meaningful childhood to underprivileged children and contributing to lasting change.

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Trulyhelp is a non-profit organization to supports people pan India and keeps an eye on the future support.

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