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Shama's Story

Successful Recovery and Ongoing Support

We are thrilled to share that Trulyhelp has supported Shama’s surgery, resulting in a remarkable recovery from their hip bone fracture, thanks to the dedicated care and support they received. Additionally, they are undergoing continuous kidney diagnosis and treatment, made possible through the generous donations from compassionate individuals like you.

Your unwavering support has been instrumental in their journey to recovery, and we are deeply grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Tarun Kumar

Do not cut her wings to fly higher Despite the dark clouds that engulfed 8-year-old Tarun after a tragic accident, hope emerged through the compassionate support of TrulyHelp. With 43% burns covering his lower body, Tarun’s journey to recovery seemed daunting. Yet, with the unwavering dedication of his hardworking father and the generosity of TrulyHelp, Tarun’s path brightened. Despite financial struggles, TrulyHelp raised the necessary funds, paving the way for Tarun’s healing. Today, as Tarun smiles once again, his dreams rekindle, igniting a beacon of resilience and community support in their humble abode.

School distribution kit

Due to the pandemic, schools got shut down Some children drop out of school and are unable to connect with their studies,“ The programme began with a Children’s Day celebration followed by the School-kit distribution.

Distributing educational stuffs to 500 underprivileged school girl students will help them to get equal opportunities for education. The project will help the poor students to be conscious towards education which will reduce the problem of school drop-out to some extent.

As the parents will get help in getting educational stuffs, they will motivate their children to get school education and the children will gain confidence. Each student was provided with a kit which included a set of books, pencils, pens, water bottles, sharpeners, scales, erasers, and sketch pens. Trulyhelp distributed school kits to students of Got Primary School in Bareilly.

Kamla’s Story

“Before, we didn’t receive any help, which resulted in many of the migrant workers and families returning home. Some of them didn’t return to the village. Now that Trulyhelp is providing dry ration and medical kits so they can live their life easily and children can attend school also. They are happy and they are again living a normal life. This also drives them to school.

”Because of the pandemic, a lot of places shut down……Some out of fear, others unable to operate,” he observes. “But Trulyhelp stayed open – It was cool to see that happens” Thanks for giving us a chance to put in these efforts apart from our regular work.”

It would be inaccurate to say that Kamla received the spirit of courage from us. As the eldest member of her family, Kamla was passed her 10th standard with flying colors and earned a name for her family in the village. She used her example and the facility of mid-day meals to advocate for the education of her brothers in front of her parents. Mr. ADHIRAJ- Project Coordinator

Girl’s Education

Annaya Kumar’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of support. Raised by a determined mother in a rented house in Chattarpur, Delhi, she faced relentless societal barriers to education as a girl. Despite these challenges and the added turmoil of a global pandemic, Annaya’s passion for science flourished, distinguishing her among her peers. The TRULYHELP Foundation emerged as a lifeline, providing not just financial aid but also empowerment through education and employment opportunities for her family. Annaya’s unwavering belief in the transformative impact of education for girls highlights its critical role in fostering safety, health, and independence. Her journey, fueled by determination and aided by support, embodies hope for a future where every girl can realize her dreams and contribute to a better world.

Dadan Kumar- A star Tomorrow

Life is a journey like a sea wave, up’s and downs come in everybody’s life. Big Dreams will collapse. Lack of money brings back from accomplishing your passion. The environment is not suitable. People are passing destructive comments. Still, You will achieve your goal. Let us have a walk with a motivational story about Dadan Kumar.

A poor little passionate boy, Dadan Kumar, aged 17 not only pursued his study in 12th Grade but also dreamed of being a star athlete in India who play tomorrow for his country in the long jump.

TRULYHELP tried to help Dadan Kumar and his family in every possible way. A star of tomorrow will never fail to achieve his goal as his friend TRULYHELP always holds his hand. The rough phase of Dadan Kumar’s life has passed. Now he is preparing for his next game, to be A Star Of Tomorrow. A small help can change the poverty and life of a person.
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