Impact Stories

Kamla’s Story

“Before, we didn’t receive any help, which resulted in many of the migrant workers and families returning home. Some of them didn’t return to the village. Now that Trulyhelp is providing dry ration and medical kits so they can live their life easily and children can attend school also. They are happy and they are again living a normal life. This also drives them to school.”Because of the pandemic, a lot of places shut down……Some out of fear, others unable to operate,” he observes. “But Trulyhelp stayed open – It was cool to see that happens” Thanks for giving us a chance to put in these efforts apart from our regular work.”It would be inaccurate to say that Kamla received the spirit of courage from us. As the eldest member of her family, Kamla was passed her 10th standard with flying colors and earned a name for her family in the village. She used her example and the facility of mid-day meals to advocate for the education of her brothers in front of her parents. Mr. ADHIRAJ- Project Coordinator
School distribution kit

Due to the pandemic, schools got shut down……Some children drop out of school and are unable to connect with their studies,“ The programme began with a Children’s Day celebration followed by the School-kit distribution.Distributing educational stuffs to 500 underprivileged school girl students will help them to get equal opportunities for education. The project will help the poor students to be conscious towards education which will reduce the problem of school drop-out to some extent.As the parents will get help in getting educational stuffs, they will motivate their children to get school education and the children will gain confidence. Each student was provided with a kit which included a set of books, pencils, pens, water bottles, sharpeners, scales, erasers, and sketch pens. Trulyhelp distributed school kits to students of Got Primary School in Bareilly.
Dadan Kumar- A star Tomorrow

Life is a journey like a sea wave, up's and downs come in everybody's life. Big Dreams will collapse. Lack of money brings back from accomplishing your passion. The environment is not suitable. People are passing destructive comments. Still, You will achieve your goal.Let us have a walk with a motivational story about Dadan Kumar.A poor little passionate boy, Dadan Kumar, aged 17 not only pursued his study in 12th Grade but also dreamed of being a star athlete in India who play tomorrow for his country in the long jump.At this age, when all boys are playing and enjoying TV, and games, this boy felt his responsibilities early and dedicatedly gave effort for his passion and family.Every morning he got up at 4 am and work for his passion. Sweating on the field will help him closer to his goal. Apart from sports, he was also interested to read books and learning new techniques about the sport through magazines. This was the daily routine of this talented boy.Chandan Sah and SunderMati have 3 children.AKASH, Ankush, and Dadan Kumar are three diamonds of their family. Chandan Sah was a Welder by profession. The annual income was just 1,80,000 rupees. This was a hand-to-mouth situation. Depend on this budget to maintain his family was terrible for Chandan Sah.Being a younger brother and belonging to a poor family Dadan never feels bad about their family's financial situation. He was always working hard to become a star in athletics and change his family's condition.His dedication, determination, and hunger to be a professional athlete reflects in his preparation. Long our of practice, never-give-up attitude, and pure love for his passion comes with many successes in his career. He was an SGFI National Bronze medalist in the under-14 category in the long jump. A Gold medalist athlete in the state in a 100m long jump. Three-time state medalist in long jump also. It was not the end of his magnificent career. He set the record with a jump, of 6.88m which was unbelievable.Lots of obstacles come in his life but he was like water just flowing over it and reaching his destination. Success is temporary and life is unpredictable too. The same case will be repeated in this little boy's life.One day a week before the state competition he prepared for his long jump event. He was totally fine and energetic to be a part of this event. Sessions gradually get ahead and 3rd practice session comes. His mind was so focused that he rigorously practices in that session Then, the next morning all things changed. He could not walk properly. His ankle got twisted in that last session. He senses severe pain. Dadan's mind stopped working. The big event was yet to come and he was unfit. But by God's grace, he rested for two days and felt better.The game was on. The next was Dadan. Count down begin! Dadan started to run for his jump. Suddenly the whole atmosphere is black. Everything was rotating, he lie down on the floor, and his tendon ruptured. The doctor came and said Dadan immediately need surgery.Dream shattered. Everythings seem like impossible. All these things are against the goal of Dadan Kumar. Even the doctor said it will cost 2.5-3 lakh rupees for his surgery.Here comes the Trulyhelp foundation. As an honest friend TRULYHELP served his duty and felt Dadan Kumar's goal as his goal.TRULYHELP supported and treated the Dadans family emotionally and financially.TRULYHELP also provided medical assistance to Dadan Kumar in every step.TRULYHELP helped Dadan Kumar in every possible field that he and his family needed at that moment.TRULYHELP also provided dry rations to his family in their worst situation and developed a strong mindset that everything will fine at the end of the day, which helps to recover him more speedily.TRULYHELP tried to help Dadan Kumar and his family in every possible way. A star of tomorrow will never fail to achieve his goal as his friend TRULYHELP always holds his hand.The rough phase of Dadan Kumar's life has passed. Now he is preparing for his next game, to be A Star Of Tomorrow.A small help can change the poverty and life of a person. Always Help Others!!!!!!
Girl’s Education

Do not cut her wings to fly higher…Annaya Kumar, a little angel from the Late Mr.Suresh Kumar, and Kajal Kumar seed a dream to be a great scientist. Her father died 14 years back. But Kajal Kumar vows to grow their children strongly at any cost. But time is unpredictable. During her 9th standard, the deadly pandemic spread all over the world. Suddenly all dreams shattered, and a black shadow covered the whole family.They live in a rented house in Chattarpur, Delhi. As a girl child, Annaya always faced gender discrimination. Starting from home to society everyone is against her education. But her fight against girl child education continues.So Sad!! Many cases are frequently seen in our society about child marriage, domestic violence, and child trafficking. Our society still believes that a born boy is better than a born girl. The mentality of our society spoils a girl’s life.But the innocent Annaya's self-esteem, determination, and hard work give her the courage to continue her education apart from all the obstacles. Annaya's innovation makes her noticeable among her batchmates in school. Although from a poor family her passion for scientific experiments has never stopped.No money to feed, no money to survive, and no money to pursue her education. Trulyhelp Foundation encourages her learning and development by providing education support by paying school and tuition fees. Every financial need TRULYHELP stands with this little scientist. Truly help the foundation tightly hold their hands in their bad phase by providing dry ration. It never stops here.TRULYHELP also gives employment to Annaya's family to become independent in society.Girl child education gives them the courage and self-belief to fight with society. Education makes a girl safe, healthy, and focused on a better life. Girl child education indirectly increases the life span of a girl. She knows about her marriage time and the suitable time to give birth to a child that reduces the death rate of pre-mature delivery of girls. In every possible way, the TRULYHELP indirectly helps, promotes, and sponsors girl child education.A girl is not property in this selfish world. She has the freedom to live her life freely and deserves a better upcoming.Be the first to give a better future to a girl child.


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