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Marred Burn Causes Undue Pain, Please Save Tarun

Dear Supporters,

Meet young Tarun, a brave 8-year-old who faced the unimaginable when a festive celebration turned into a tragic accident. Playing with Diwali Deep, his clothes caught fire, leaving him with severe burns covering 43% of his lower body. Thanks to swift medical intervention, Tarun’s life was spared, but the road to recovery is long and challenging.

Tarun, the youngest in a humble family, was a bright student with dreams and a contagious smile that lit up his parents’ world. However, the accident shattered those dreams, leaving him in constant pain and his family in financial distress. His father, a daily wage laborer, struggles to balance work and caring for his son, and the family’s income has dwindled.

You can be the beacon of hope for Tarun and his family. Your support can help him reclaim his life, free from pain and fear. Every contribution, big or small, counts.

To make your donation, reach out to the TrulyHelp Foundation, a beacon of compassion and support for those in need. Donations to the foundation are eligible for a 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Make your contribution today and be a part of Tarun’s journey to a brighter, pain-free future.

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Your generosity can make a world of difference in Tarun’s life. Let’s come together and make his dreams rise from the ashes.


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