Dear Friends,


I am writing to you with a heartfelt plea for support. My name is Suraj Kumar, and I am reaching out on behalf of my son, who is bravely battling eye cancer at AIIMS Hospital in New Delhi.

Our son, our beacon of hope, is facing overwhelming challenges as he fights this relentless disease. Despite the hardships, his spirit remains unbroken, and our determination to help him overcome this illness grows stronger every day.


The doctors have informed us that his best chance for recovery lies in undergoing a bone marrow biopsy, surgery, and supportive care. Unfortunately, the total cost of these procedures amounts to Rs. 4 lakhs, a sum that is beyond our means. Despite our relentless efforts and sacrifices, we are unable to gather the necessary funds.


This is where we humbly seek your support. Your generosity, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in our son’s fight for life. Your donation can transform his struggle into a journey of recovery, turning pain into relief and despair into hope.


We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, but even the smallest act of kindness can create a profound impact. Your prayers, shares, and contributions are not just financial aid; they are gestures of love, solidarity, and humanity.

Together, let us rally around our son and help him return home with renewed health and strength. Please consider donating to our fundraiser and sharing this message within your networks. Your support means everything to us, and we are deeply grateful for your compassion and belief in the power of collective action.


Thank you for standing with us during this difficult time.


For further information or to extend your support, please reach out to the TrulyHelp Foundation through the provided contact details below:

Phone: +91 8800401821 Email: Website: Office Address: Office No 202, Second Floor, Sector-15, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301


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